Sweetness of the Rain

February 20, 2006

Sweetness of the rain
Fills my mind's touch
When I think of your lips
When I drink in your eyes

Wonderful obsession
Building within
Finding peace
In the midst of the din

Thoughts of butterflies
Dance across my sight
As I close my eyes
And hear your gentle voice

Taste of purest honey
Imagined on my tongue
As I trace the lines
Of your beautiful form

Spirits connected
Bodies entertwined
Sacred melding of our souls
Deeply penetrating passion

Can't take my mind off you
And I smile at the thought
Heavenly compulsion
Stars' power lies within

Serendipitous chance
Destiny had no choice
Set adrift from divinity
Notes in two bottles

Glorious gravity
Drawn to the one I love
Heart flies on new wings
On hope of a mere glance from you

Type: Poetry

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