Do Butterflies Cry?

February 18, 2006

Petals in flight
Perfect elegant soul
Beauteous sight
Onlookers made whole

Recalling the lessons
I learned as a child
Memories beckon
Born in the wild

Life is a struggle
Worm in a cage
Pain is predestined
Understood as we age

Bear it, we must
As lessons unfold
No other path
To truth, I am told

Beginning alone
Chrysalis grows
Wings made strong
Bearing the woes

All I can do
Is patiently wait
Growth is her journey
No time, never late

Choke back the tears
My God, comfort me
As she rips the cocoon
Pushes to break free

In an instant, transformed
In a moment, takes wing
Joy overflows, eyes moisten
Hear the angels sweetly sing

Such a short life
Yet, surely divine
Spreading colors of light
Your spirit to mine

Float on the torrents
So simple, so kind
Ripples and currents
Pure love, ever blind

Choosing to suffer
Past lives discern
Born to a prison
We live and we learn

Lessons of the butterfly
No different from mine
Withstand fear, anger, and plight
Tears fall, wings grow, take flight

Type: Poetry

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