Living the Poem?

April 11, 2005

Gypsee: LIVE it?
Steve: yes
Steve: yesterday, as i walked through the muck of the incertitude of my present
Steve: and the frailty of the fragility of the next moment
Steve: i came upon a flower
Steve: and the flower shone its loveliness on me
Steve: and i heard the song of a bird
Steve: and the bird joined the symphony
Steve: the cacophonous symphony
Steve: chaos or serenity
Steve: the choice is mine
Steve: i chose to hear the beat
Steve: to live the dream
Steve: to find some hope in that small bloom
Steve: and the light of the song of the birds
Steve: and i knew it would be good
Steve: yes, i am living the poem
Steve: every chance i get
Steve: there is an eternity in each moment
Steve: each moment has the potential for holiness
Steve: each moment i am in love
Steve: each moment i am alive
Steve: aligned with the spirit of beauteous perfection

Type: Poetry

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