February 5, 2006

Set aside the thoughts of fear
Open sea, boat floats, set free
Lay to rest all that comes near
Water laps, waves rock, all in me

Thoughts in a bottle, set adrift
Rhythmic lapping, ripples flowing
Nearing truth, sands of time sift
Spirit in me, pure light growing

Closer and closer, heart with soul
Relative beliefs, vanishing tide
Deeper and deeper to find the whole
Full love, holy calm, dwell inside

All-ness unfolds, seeking the one
Is-ness of being, set adrift too
Song sung with angels, rays of sun
Searching for God, merging with you

I love you
Love me
Love you
Let love flow today
Let love grow today
Let love be today
Be love today
Be only love today
Be only today

Type: Poetry

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