syncopated soliloquy

January 30, 2006

syncopated soliloquy
song i play for you
reflected back to me

fingers snappin'
hands clappin'
melodious beat

universal song
your heart to mine
dancing now, divine

bright light's smile
all is well this instant
eyes touch, lights shine

weaving, winding
minds melding, yours with mine
enmeshed, thoughts intertwine

in the silence between the beats that flood my mind as i let these words flow i feel a hint of the truth that wants to grow and i share with you a hint of a trinket of an inspired concept that all is and we are and you are and i am and light is and sun shines as light and you shine in love in the instant that the eye closes in a momentary blink that lasts as long as the heavens have been here or there .... where? in the center of your heart in the stillness between the beats....

beating hearts as one
blissful light of the sun
walk, dance, skip, sleep, run

Type: Poetry

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