breathing in love

January 13, 2006

i breathe.
i feel the air as it flows across my lips.
i choose to feed my lungs with this gift that surrounds.
and i am satisfied.

oxygen flows.
my hunger for it subsides for a time.
until it is time to draw a new breath.

there is always sufficient air.
for decades, thousands and thousands of days.
i have taken millions upon millions of breaths.

occasionally, it seems there is not enough air.
as i run.
when i smoked.
when i felt the miracle of ecstacy with another.

but there has always been enough.
enough air.
enough love.
enough light.
enough life.

enough me.
enough you.
enough God.

i have nothing to fear.
all of my needs are satisfied this moment.

fear is an illusion.
fear has no basis in truth.

love is real.
love is all real.
love is all that is real.
love is truth.


Type: Poetry

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