Simple Tears

May 1, 2021 1:41 pm EDT

I am a man who cries.
If you think that makes me weak,
You’re wrong.
If you want to judge me as
Somehow less than I ought be,
Well, go right ahead,
And as they say these days,
Have fun with that.
Honestly, I feel sorry for you,
If, man or woman,
You are afraid to own your feelings
And feel the fullness…
Of the sadness,
And the cracked gravity of grief
The brilliant fucking terror—
Utter and complete—
Of fucking bewilderment.
Some days, I have no clue…
How to thrive;
I am grateful
To sit alone in my dark closet
And cry the tears
Of honest surrender,
And somehow…
Another day.
Yes, feelings suck;
They fucking hurt!
But it’s far better to feel,
Than to be but a shell.

Type: Poetry

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