Anticipation ... Reality ... Familiarity

December 23, 2004

Nervous Anticipation

Minds touching, spirits enmeshed,
She loves me, but will she like me?

Too good to be true
Too true to ignore
Synchronous happenstances
Too many to dismiss

Fate brings us together
Choice determines our next steps
Plans made, anticipation builds, mere days remain...


Our eyes meet
In an instant I know she is you
She's everything I'd hoped for, and oh so much more.

The distance between us diminishes as we are drawn together
Fingertips touch, sparks fly
Bodies pulled together in a deep, loving embrace
Electricity flows...

And then, the magic begins,
A kiss, and another
The world around us ceases to exist
It is only me and you
For an instant, for eternity.


The surroundings, the scents, the atmosphere
A guest in the world that is yours
Anticipation wanes, comfort grows
The magic remains

Type: Poetry

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