June 3, 2017 10:35 am EDT

My heart skips a beat
When she enters the crowded ballroom
She is the center of not only my attention
But of the attention of fully half the room
As many turn their heads unapologetically
As some sneak wary glances
Not wanting, presumably,
To arouse suspicion, to color
Their companions green

My mind quickly meanders
Inventing possible scenarios
Rehearsing my first words
Your first responses
Will they be memorable?
Do I stand half a chance
Of capturing your attention
In subtle competition
With a grand room of onlookers?

My courage falters
As I come quickly to my senses
Grab not one, but two flutes
From the passing waitress
I gulp one greedily, place the glass on her tray
Just before her proximity exceeds my reach
She has green eyes, I notice
And the narrative in my head changes
As I rehearse, with anticipation
My pithy words
To this cute waitress
When she returns from the bar
With a new platter of full flutes

Type: Poetry

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