the beach

December 21, 2005

warm sun above shimmers through the rippling tide
warm eyes through the glass glisten as your glance falls on me
warm waves of blissful delight as we drift soundlessly
warm feelings rise as we look toward the shore

overwhelmed by the art, brilliant colors of the deep
life moves, swims, turns, with the tide, then against
subtle sounds of waves, kissing the beach, gentle caress
remembering the warmth of your love last night

and then, between the breaths, in the deep silence
i gaze into your eyes for but a moment
and the moment lingers, grows, stretches into eternal bliss
and as quick as a thought, with the speed of an impulse

new love is born
and opening our eyes again, the magificent scene,
so overwhelming, has bloomed, has been refreshed,
is truly, and newly

Type: Poetry

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