October 18, 2010 5:20 pm EDT

Bountiful sensations
Flowing through the strains of time
God's touch surrounds
Immersed in the wonders, divine

Waking from the ancient sleep
Eyes see with clearing sight
Visions of darkness dissolve
In the flood of the dawning Light

Feel the healing rhythms
From the fires of your perfect soul
Find the way back home
Where life, renewed, is whole

Weariness trickles away
When the power of Life enters in
Destroy the walls of knowledge
Be free as the Child within

Amazed in the joining of One
All is made well in the dance
The Bride stands at the altar
Revealed in the sacred new trance

Bountiful flowing sensations
Awakened in the power of grace
Now is the time for true Love
Thoughts of the past now replaced

Join the new song rising free
Sing from the depths of your soul
Find now the way to our home
Where life, seen true, is made whole

Type: Poetry

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