Empowered by Divine

September 22, 2010 9:11 am EDT

He walked for countless days
Eyes closed, heart guarded, hidden from light
Seeking happiness, seeking fulfillment, pleasure
In the fruits of a strangled orchard
The trees were bare

He wandered on
Cold, hungry, fearful
Unaware of the dark forest surrounding
Unaware of the sunlight beyond

He came upon a mirror
The time of his seeing begun
In the harm he'd done others
In the harm he'd done himself
In his fearful offerings to an unknown God
The gifts of clarity, hope
In a moment
Of surrender

Walked twelve long steps
Through seven open doors
Clarity, Hope, Faith, Surrender, Trust, Fire, Awakening
And seven more
Forgiveness, Compassion, Healing, Intent, Flight, Peace, Heaven
Into the midst
Of divinity

Esoteric majesties
Sage, mystique, wonder, awe, bliss
Feasted on Nirvana's Fruits
Soared with waking angels
Writhing in passion
Dwelling in peace
Life, new and true

Prompted by the Waves
Empowered by Divine
He returned
To the mirror
In the dark wood
Feasting again
In the strangled orchard
Dual dreams, human, divine, sacred, lost

A merging of worlds
Seen, unseen, felt, unfelt
Spirit, heart, body, mind
Crashing, violent, calm, clear
Passion and peace
Heaven and earth
One and not one
Two and not two
Embracing each failure
Embracing the change
Loving the old ideals
And dismissing them

A dismantling and a remantling
He walks the earth
His mind in heaven
His heart in truth
His spirit, many
His soul, one

Type: Poetry

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