Whispering Energy

February 17, 2010

He walked in awareness for a time
Abounding in the newfound bliss
Time of sorrow left behind
True Love was finally his

She entered a place of dancing
On the drying of her last fateful tear
Welcomed the dawning ecstasy
Embracing the new Sight, clear

An age of wonders, awakening
Expansiveness pulling us now
We look to the sages within
A Knowing inside showing how

Releasing the harms to the depths
Timidly joining small hands
Held by the ebb and the flow
On a shore with evershifting sands

Whispering thoughts that lift us
We stand in the warm winter sun
Rays of perfect Light touching
Many hearts that were lost, now One

Discarding the need to compete
A holy recognition appears
We look into the mirror
As others, in grace, draw near

All teachers and students, and none
We dance in the newforming way
Into the Whispering Energy
Enlivened in grace each new day

An age of wonders, awakened
Expanding in true active bliss
We look to the sages within
And walk what really now is

Type: Poetry

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