February 11, 2010

he never quite realized
how dim his world had been
how devoid
of tenderness
until she was thrust
upon his life
in an instant of grace
a world that made sense
was turned
and flooded
in her brilliance
confusion settled in
but only for a brief visit
left through the back door
and all that remained
was her unspeakable
time lost its importance
not only in his thinking
but in the tactile moments
that rippled and drenched
his arising essence
all he knew (or believed he knew)
came to an abrupt end
in the halting beauty
that stood before him
he pushed back the tears
that threatened to steal
a part of the view
that he so completely cherished
with the stifling
of each scream of discovered joy
and the reminders
from some unknown voice
to breathe
to be
to accept
with each moment
his amazement grew
as it became clear
that he had fallen for her
he wondered, he struggled, he begged to know
if he should tell her
the painful weight of his unsaid words
he wondered
if all this were really possible
he closed his eyes
for but a blink
and stilled time
long enough to ask
his divine companions
for direction

Type: Poetry

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