a kiss

January 30, 2010

gentle path through dim woods
led her to this oasis
a small clearing

bench on a hollow log
sturdy and quiet
a view of gentle ripples
left by a score
of tiny pond-skaters

in the moment
in the ripples
in the encroaching thoughts
observed and released

larger ripples
a frog
seeking a snack of the skaters

quiet again
only his eyes visible
above the clear water
as the ripples grew still

his tongue fast
focused attack
he smiled
three hops
stared with chilling intensity
her breath caught

she shrieked when he spoke
but did not look away
captured in his wisdom
prisoner to his ancient gaze
she breathed again

"they tell me you are ready
are you?"

"ready? ready for what?"

he smiled
she breathed
"yes. i'm ready"

"what did you ask for?"

"i asked for a guide.
i asked for the one.
i asked for a man,
strong and sure,
loving and pure.
awake and real,
with passion and zeal."

"you know what you must do."
he closed his eyes
an act of compassion

and it was done
a kiss
a deep breath
a moment of gratitude
a moment lost

she opened her eyes
and he stood before her
a new creation
love's destined messenger

she woke the next morning
in an instant's fright
as she saw his smile
kissed him

Type: Poetry

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