Quiet Wish

January 29, 2010

The sounds, familiar
Rides, games, popcorn popping
She opened her eyes and was here
Standing behind the girl with curls
Eight or nine years old
The girl's cotton candy is blue
She orders pink

The taste, sweet and simple
The texture, unmistakble
The sounds evoke wonder
Reminder her of the sensations of joy

She wakes refreshed
After dreams of merry-go-rounds
And the view from atop the ferris wheel
A heart still filled in grateful wonder

Moments of thankfulness
Yield a glimse of light
Dawning epiphany
She falls to the floor, overwhelmed

Her highest place of miracles
Of manifesting clearly all wishes
Whether in dream or awake
Rides on the crest
Of joyful and humble gratitude

It's a year later now
And every morning since that day
She's thanked the heavens
For the rising creation
In humble acceptance
With joyful gratitude
Of each and every one
Of her wishes

It began simply
In a pleasant dream
In pink cotton candy
In a simple wish

A simple
And quiet


Type: Poetry

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