January 22, 2010

Changing constants
A world renewed with each blink
Fading of insanities
As dusk settles on old truth

Join the newly Conscious
Dive into Nirvana's crux
Awakening spirits arising
In the falling of old beliefs

Set all the past to rest
And head for Saturn's rings
Joining in the splendor
The party's just begun

Follow not the leaders
But lead the followers new
Painting a wondrous rainbow
In colors never seen

Clear the ancient wreckage
It wreaks of old remains
Nothing left to salvage
The changing of refrains

Choose the dawning sprinkles
Of one collected rain
Cleansing all illusion
Till naught remains the same

The time to come is now
Collaborations call
Leave the old behind
And join the newfound All


Type: Poetry

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