January 12, 2010

The seeds are planted
The ground is moist
The sun is shining
In gracious choice

You sowed the hope
Of a deepening soul
Given in faith
Of cleansing, whole

But as you watch
The garden, still
The fear returns
Along with will

The seeds you plant
In faith and love
Given in prayer
With God above

So now it's time
To heal the mind
Let glory fall
In love, divine

The truth, the light
Of a deepening soul
Given in trust
Of a deepening whole

The time has come
To wait and know
Fulfilling wealth
No lack, nor woe

But not just wait
But also, plant
As Love provides
What waiting can't

More seeds to sow
In each new day
Not just a theory
But a brand new way

A changing mind
A newfound heart
Each new moment
A chance to start

Type: Poetry

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