Ancient Surrender

January 6, 2010

Oh Fires of the Ancient Dance
Tempt me with your passion
Drive me to unknown wonders
In the ecstasy of your heat

Awakening slowly from sleep
The drifter wanders to the edge
Abysmal views, dark and hidden
Walks into the weightless depths

Oh Fires of the Blooming Rose
Stimulate my every raw sense
Aroma-filled mysteries of love
Seduce my rippling thoughts

Limitless colorful plummet
Old thoughts rising from sleep
Walker descends in silence
Great glories fading from view

Oh Fires of Exploding Magma
Join me in a secret embrace
Ecstasy dawns in our screams
Devoid of the empty truths

In a perfect instant of peace
The Glory of Light flashes forth
Journey of the colorful walker
Ends in a merging with Love

Oh Fires of Cold Insanity
Relieve this once proffered need
Dive now into my openness
We'll merge in this story untold

Type: Poetry

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