whispers of red

January 5, 2010

it was a cold january night
slight breeze from the west
but it was pleasant
chill cut by the surrounding giants
ancient redwoods
strong beyond individual strength
dense melding of roots
under my small feet
treading lightly
in their magnificence

red-tailed hawks, two of them
circled overhead
under the canopy of leaves
watching a red squirrel beneath
and me

the squirrel stopped
looked briefly to the sky
then looked at me

his voice was raspy
his time, short
i sensed his relief
as my arrival
allowed the telling
of his necessary tale
before his offering
to the patient hawks

his potent words
less biting than the shielded slight breeze
whispering energy moving
from one wise soul to another
i listened with care
wrote the words he spoke

"Be today magnificent
As the trees that tower high
As the hawks that await their feast
Flying with patience
Riding the ripples and waves

Be today alive
Feel the chill
The energy that pervades
Enticement drawing
The urge to feel
All that your senses
Might feel

Be today compassionate
All the universe
Resides in ancient peace
When one heart reaches
To another
When one heart gives
In truth
When one soul receives
One gift

Be today real
There is only one of you
You then, are best at being you
And you were created
In that uniqueness
To shine

Be today willing
Surrender the old illusions
Thrive in the new wonders
Love, healing, perfection, joy
Be it and share it and allow it

Once more
Be today magnificent
It is why you are here
To experience and practice and feel
What it is
To be you
In this moment
Shining forth
In the gift
On you"

He wasted no time
Not even saying farewell
Walked with honor
To the clear place
Closed his eyes
And accepted, with magnificence, his fate


Type: Poetry

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