January 2, 2010

do you welcome my touch?
are you open to the immersion?

the waves
the sparks
the fire

will you dive into my eternity?
will you dance with me in the unquenched fires?

your essence
flowing and glowing
your warmth
and deep subtle knowing

reach to my very core
change me
move me

have you ever met a real mystic?
danced in the falling stardust?
how deep do you want to go?

tactile sensations
without touch
beneath all understanding
where fearlessness dwells
and perfection beckons

can you feel my words as they trace your soul?
do you long for the presence that makes us whole?
do you wish for thoughts beneath your mind?
will you dance with me in the places divine?

free your mind
and dance with me
dive into the moment
and dance
dance with me

Type: Poetry

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