January 2, 2010

i am moved by the sunset
and the sunrise
and the circling hawk

i am moved by the ocean
and the mountain
and the rocky path

i am moved by emotion
love, passion, joy, bliss
and their perfect attainment

i am moved by kindness
committed and true
given without cost, without expectation

i am moved by the forces
of energy pervading all
light, love, nirvana

i am moved by song
and by dance
and by the dancer
committed to the dance

i am moved by the circle
life begetting life
love begetting love
karma's unchangeable force
and the changing of that same karma
in the manifestation of miracles

i am moved by the innocent mind
whether infant or ancient
which seeks only to love and be loved

i am moved by creation
the wondrous smile
of one who creates

i am moved when i see a lost one found
opening eyes
opening hearts

i am moved by unselfishness
humbly offering more than expected
with no thought of reward

i am moved by attainment
of our highest purpose
mine, yours, or ours

i am moved by the flow of life
by a universal good
underlying all seen and not

i am moved in the union of two
surrendering all of me
to all of you

i am moved in the feast of life
to taste-smell-touch-see-know
all that life offers
in this perfect moment
and the next

Type: Poetry

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