Wandering Tides

December 27, 2009


Exculpatory madness
Raining from a starlit sky
Darkness of the ages burn
Ancient redwoods towering high

Wandering, they wonder why
Ripples bursting at the seams
Flaming minions drawing nigh
Calling love's lost cherubims

What once they knew, forever gone
Loss of hope where love is found
Hatred drowns diminishing breeze
Song of heaven, holy sound

Fear and prejudice abound
Where quiet tongues are quiet still
Songs of darkness still resound
And peaceful lessons conquer nil

Anarchistic participation
Wholly unexpected praise
Recidivistic madness
Returning to the sun's bright rays

Burning in the scorching haze
The masses cease to roam
Fate will follow all their days
When wanderers find a home

Swimming in delusion's womb
Humanity's thoughts, divinity's will
Hatred leads the fearful ways
Where quiet tongues hold still


Type: Poetry

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