Mother of Love

December 25, 2009

Her sound sleep broken
By a hint of light
Below conscious thought
Beneath the deepest dream

From the dark colors of night
To the brightness of day

Her eyes still closed
More tactile than any dream
A vision
Painted by heavenly guests

By thousands of voices
Quite truly
An angelic choir

She opened her eyes
Held in peace by the light
And the choir
The vision made real
In a miracle offered, accepted

Time lost its meaning
The space of her small tent grew
With her awareness
As the heavenly voices
Held her heart in calm

The one that spoke
Held perfect undeniability
In loving authority
In utter perfection

"You will bear a King
He will save all the world
He will teach us Love
And offer a way home"

Mary considered for but a moment
Her love for God strong and sure
"As you ask, your servant will do"
And it was done.

And the angels voices grew
And God himself smiled
Hearts were touched in all lands
For all time

A humble and divine Mother
Who would offer all in love
Fell to her knees
As she realized her choice

The tears streamed
Surrender, joy, love
Unspeakable peace
As the angels' song grew

Then God Himself reached down
And held her perfect heart
Gave her instant comfort
Strength of the ages

She stood to her feet
Folded her hands as one
And the whole of the choir
Was silenced
As they bowed
In humble adoration
Of the Mother of Love

Type: Poetry

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