Dark Skies

December 24, 2009

Peruvian dove owns the midnight sky
Black as the black of empty space
Singing the song that can't be heard
Taking the sorrows never displaced

Increasing resignation expands
Purples and greens paint the feral hare
Leaping red mites tear at the flesh
Divining the wonders of the winnowing air

Blood drips warm to the threshing floor
The wheat and the chaff, inseparable loss
Heavy red coat hides the old girth
Obscuring through centuries a once sacred birth

The fight of the ages begins fresh and new
Divine or profane, true love versus fear
Touching another, another draws close
And decades of voices, once silent, now hear

The star-filled skies offer glimpses of hope
As the angels of death return for their gift
Child of awakening lost in the mist
Opened the seams, tore a fresh rift


Type: Poetry

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