December 19, 2009

Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Lena Horne
I watched these gorgeous women sing

There was a light
From each of them


And each time
In the auras surrounding them
I saw you

You are magnificence
You are utter and perfect beauty
And so much more

Beyond my highest expression

In a place that can only be approached
Like the gravity of twin stars
Holding their planets in orbit
Like the molten rock
Spewing from a volcano
Like the unspeakable joy
Of new parents hearing their infants first sounds

The words escape me
The words have never been held
The words are unconceived
And inconceivable

And yet still
There is this unquenchable need in me
To find the words that I know
Can never be found

I will write for you a hundred songs
And a thousand poems
And I will spare none of what I am
In the quest
To find the words
To express
The gravity
The fullness
The wonder
I feel
When I think of you

I hope and pray
That you will allow me
To see deep within you
To know you
And to sing the song my heart must sing

Let me gaze into your eyes
Let me gaze into your soul
I risk it all
For a touch of your hand
And a taste of your beauty

With deepest respect

Yours, if you so choose,

Type: Poetry

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