riddler's lair

December 3, 2009

cosmic riddler's relentless disciples
sucking his short shriveled member
they seek a chance at unveiling
the mysteries of the ages
as white ooze
trickles down their chins

fallen disciples
living in licentiousness, true
huddled masses
worthless cows
evil dwindling
terror most foul

wanton breezes spoil the peace
as the sucklings find a teat
on a bitch or a sow or a worthless broad
and the white milk
trickles down their chins

fires of pride
boil the waters of desire
twins forever
lover and loved
wanted hubris
wanton excess
fitting disciples
join the sacred orgy

cosmic riddler's lair
filled with the chosen many
who clawed their way to lascivious truths
blood lettings
never to surrender
to find the secrets
as the warm blood
trickles down their chins

Type: Poetry

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