November 22, 2009

i began to write a poem
about neverending sadness
pouring down
from the dark skies of impeditive dreams
composed in the instants
of the raining hearts of shameful loss
from the impetuous child that refuses to die

white hot forgiveness from shadows of doubt
refracted from the hours of nagging doom
but into the mirror i braved a gaze
and in in the next holy instant all was changed
reflected in the shining eyes
of you

remaining illusions drained in a beat
of a holy heartbeat filled with fresh meat
karmic, carnal, disturbed, destruciton
till all that remains
is all that now matters
in a moment
of crazed indifference
of dawning forevers
of blazing desire
of new love's touch

i began to write a poem
about the dawning of time
and the manifest wonders
of imperfect vision
and the ebbing surrenders
of the towers of dread
where dreams
sometimes fade
but never

Type: Poetry

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