October 10, 2009

A life, filled with fallen dreams
As so many stars in a winter sky
Falling dark midnight of a darker mind

A star descends with each thought
Diving into the abysmal morass
Of humble creation

The moments invade
The quiet pool
Meditation broken

Ripples spread, expansive new realities
Branching forth
In the colors of a colorful mind

All that can be seen
I see in the dark ancients' thoughts
Cavernous hollows of glory's understatement
Lifting the pensive restful wanderers
Into the service of the One dawning Truth
Into the service of the Wonders of Love
Alive and well in the glimmers
Of a billion watching stars
Each waiting
For his chance to serve
For his moment to fall
For his call to descend
Into the perfection
Of the One Waiting Heart

One Waiting Heart
Awakening from a dream
Of stars
Filling the midnight sky

In the Holy Service of Love

Type: Poetry

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