love's fateful haze

September 19, 2009

staring out a picture window
painted gaze of a colorful soul
shining through the dreamer's eyes
a world just beyond love's grasp

staring out a painted window
eyes scan the stained glass landscape
for a love that's written
in simple lines of a simple poem

staring through a painted soul
eyes draining slowly of color
sorrowful wait for a joyful fate
return of love's true mate

staring at the winds of change
a tireless and selfless act of waiting
serving the one who has yet to return
lighthouse guarding the deepest seas

scanning the empty seascape
painted in time's lost desires
waiting for a lover
whose time has not yet come

staring out the picture window
painted soul, deep lonely gaze
guarding an unseen distance
still shrouded in the haze

Type: Poetry

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