Hedgehog Connection

September 13, 2009

Her name was Wallina
She was a very special hedgehog
Living in a city
Large, expansive, loud, bright
And she was
(As far as she knew)
The only hedgehog
In that sprawling metropolis

She went every week
To the street of flash and lights
To see the latest play
For Wallina was a hedgehog
Of noble breeding
The only hedgehog
(As far as she knew)
Who appreciated the finer things in life

Most hedgehogs
(As far as she knew)
Spend most of their time
Either eating insects
Or rolling up into impenetrable balls
So as not to be disturbed
(Or worse, eaten)
By those critters
A little higher up the food chain

So Wallina was
(As one might expect)
Quite surprised
When two weeks ago
Whilst she was minding her own business
Enjoying a new and light comedic drama
(Opening night)
On Broadway
Quite surprised indeed
To see another hedgehog
Attending that same play
Dressed to the nines
Black hat
Black coat
And a dapper little matching cane

When she looked at him
(The unexpected hedgehog three rows forward and two seats left)
He turned full around
Tilted his cane just so
Tilted his smile in the opposite direction
And tipped his hat
With a suaveness
Quite rare
Among even the most cultured
Of hedgehogs

Not wanting to seem too forward
(She prided herself on her quiet hedgehog aplomb)
She nodded a small and disinterested nod
(Though, in truth, she was QUITE interested)
And turned her head toward the show
Just beginning its second act
(After a too brief intermission)

So two weeks later
(Earlier this very evening)
Wallina was quite pleased
To be seated in the very next seat
Next to the only other hedgehog
(As far as she new)
In this very large and bright city

They left together
(Or so said the usher nearest the door)
In his impressive Hummer
(Neither the H2 nor the H3 but the really big Hummer)
Painted a color somewhere between gold and platinum
They left together
(Or so said the usher nearest the door)
And through the back window
Three onlookers could clearly see
The connection that was formed
(Rare as these things are, even for hedgehogs)
In the moment
Of their first gaze
Followed immediately
By a wet sloppy kiss
As hedgehogs are prone to do

In a city of millions
Even hedgehogs
(Or so it seems to Wallina and her new beau)
Can find love

And wet sloppy kisses


Type: Poetry

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