December 11, 2005

i look in the mirror and see the fear in my eyes
stranded for eternity in the corner of my demise
lost in the thoughts that yesterday left behind
i pray i will remember these illusions are not mine

although these illusions are reflections I see
I find these intrusions looking at me
how weary I get from this constant mindful battle
I turn it to You to end the clatter and rattle

delusions of dark, appearing as light
help me to know which vision is right
the love that i seek in You and in me
still hidden by lies, oft all i can see

Over my eyes there is a dark veil
When I don't see clearly is when I fail
I make wrong choices when I'm forced to guess
Oh please release me from being oppressed

awake in the day, i live in Your love
illusions are ended with strength from above
Your love and your mercy lights the dark night
miraculous beams... joy, peace, hope, delight

(composed in collaboration with Chris Biancone)

Type: Poetry

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