August 9, 2009

So, I got the answer
To the question I've been asking
Inside my head
For eighteen months or so
Since I got this apartment
With lots of sunlight
Lots of windows

I wondered if anyone ever really
Got in real trouble
For indecent exposure

To me, it was a little thrilling
Walking around my space
Without a stitch
Buck naked
Secretly wondering
If anyone might be watching
Just a glimpse
Or an eyeful
In an admittedly sick kind of way
But thrilling nonetheless
Just a little

So, anyways
I was minding my own business
Three weeks ago
And got my answer
In the form of three
Disturbing and attention-grabbing
Bangs on my door

I've watched 'Cops' a few times
And I don't think they ever ring the bell
Or knock lightly and politely
Three loud thuds
Accompanied by a commanding voice

"Shit" I thought
As I quickly dressed
And answered my door

They didn't waste any time
In less than a minute
I was in back of the squad car

Thirty days later
Actually, twenty-one days later
(On account of good behavior)
I have a clear and concise answer
To that nagging question

Yes, people really do get in trouble
For indecent exposure
The answer is yes


Type: Poetry

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