a leap to quiet passion

July 30, 2009

he wandered the halls of mediocrity
stopping to dance with the lost souls
hoped to fill the subtle void
left in the echoes of her voice

the very first time he had tasted
thrill of interacting with excellence
he found a home in his first write
solace in her spectacular presence

she told him it was not to be
he refused to fathom that possibility
bided his time in the mediocre walk
tended the surviving flame of hope

in another arena he witnessed
the glory of a bursting heart
fulfilled in perfection's fulfillment
realized the path he must take

life in the overwhelming breeze
giving and accepting all there is
with every reflection of every facet
he would fly in the winds of change

committed to himself and the world
he took the next quiet step
the same, yet utterly different
with a simple choice to shine

considering what these words mean
so hard to write these each letter
heart cries out in a scream of passion
and i choose the way of courage

i want to thrive, love, be loved
i want to be overwhelmed
in passion, in fire, in hunger
i want to leap into all that awaits

and all these words
move my thoughts
to you

Type: Poetry

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