July 30, 2009

I try and distract myself
Over and over
With an early morning bird's song
With a strong cup of coffee
With plans for a too busy day
I try and distract myself
But I keep thinking of the moments

You wore a plastic ring
On the third finger
Of your left hand
Not gold, not a traditional wedding band
And no engagement ring, no diamonds
I tossed the idea around my head for months
Of asking you just one simple question
Something like "do you feel it too?"
But you wore a ring

I sat near you at Besame
About a year ago now
You kidded about going out
You and me and a few others from our little class
I was so close, so many times
To asking one simple question
"Do you feel it, too?"

I try and distract myself
But as read about Annie and Will
As I read about bar napkins
And mirrored walls
As I read about telling lines
Starry nights and first kisses
Distracting myself becomes
More difficult
More difficult

Type: Poetry

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