July 10, 2009

Closing: two versions...

Closing an ending chapter
The next starts to write
Freed of the burdens
The bird takes new flight

Writing the next chapter
The last one loses view
Launching from the tree
The sky invites anew

Opening a starting chapter
Last one starts its flight
Phoenix rising free
Alighting in the night

Righting the last chapter
The next is free to flow
Rooted in the ground
The tree continues to grow

 Closing: an ending chapter,
The next starts, to write;
Freed of the burdens
The bird takes new flight.

Writing: the next chapter,
The last one loses, view -
Launching. From the tree,
The sky invites: anew.

Opening: a starting chapter -
Last, one starts, its flight,
Phoenix. Rising free:
Alighting in the night.

Righting: the last chapter.
The next is free to flow,
Rooted in the ground,
The tree continues: to grow.

Inspired by a blog from Nyla.

Type: Poetry

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