July 4, 2009

I stood
Standing amongst a crowd
Of strangers

Just a few minutes ago
Though the memory
Was fading fast
I was sure
That just a few minutes ago
I was safe

But now
As I stand
Unintelligible sounds
I could remember no words
Only the sound
Of a scream

All around me
On the crowded beach
There were people

But none of them
Did I know
None of them
Look even vaguely

I screamed again
And a lady comes
She was beautiful
But still
I don't know her
So I screamed
The only sound
I knew


There are no intermissions
There are only moments
A moment
Between two moments
Is undoubtedly
And undeniably
A moment

This intermission
Is indeed
Part of the show

Onward -

She asked me
Between screams
A question
I couldn't quite understand

I tried to listen
But she was drowned out
By the sounds
Of the screams

I concentrated
As best I could
She asked me
The tall woman (her name was Candice)
If I was lost

My response
Was another scream
And then
A nod

The people all around
Were watching
I wanted someone to help
But I am scared
So I scream
I scream

I don't remember
What happened next
But I do remember
The feeling of fright
Looming and large
As fresh today
As it was
Six decades ago

Whenever I hear
Whenever I see
A lost child
I remember
And inside
All I can do
Is scream


Type: Poetry

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