A Short Walk

July 3, 2009

I am love
As you are love
It is all we know

These words
Simple, yet profound
Have become
And are becoming
Our truth
Our reality
Our existence

There was a time
Not so many years ago
When we walked
Through the valley
Of twisted souls
Of lost dreams
Of bitter tastes
Of loveless light

Rising high above
This valley below
The peaks
Rose in majestic beauty
Hinted at a new path
A path of peace
A path of love
They beckoned us

The path was steep

We could not carry
All of the burdens
We once carried
As we climbed
The ever-steepening path
Toward a peak
We desired to reach
We needed to reach

So, as we walked
Toward our destiny
Toward the truths of the heights
Toward the blinding lights
As we walked
We left behind

We left everything on the path
As we walked on
As we trekked on
As we journeyed on

Each step
Was one step closer
Each step
Led us toward the peak
The pinnacle
The prize

Many, many times
We stumbled
Occasionally losing ground
But we walked on
We walked on

Many, many times
We questioned
Occasionally losing faith
But we walked on
We walked on

Every day we walked
And every day we paused
The quest
The need
The purpose

Love was at the peak
Peace was at the peak
Light was at the peak
Home was at the peak
The peak was where we needed to be

We walked on
Through the trials
Through the tears
Through the doubts
We walked on

Dropping our burdens
Confronting our fears
And dropping them, too
One at a time
One step at a time
We walked on

The journey
Was sometimes solitary
But other times
We were joined
For a word
For a lesson
For a time
For a moment
We walked on

We chose to walk this path
We choose to walk this path
We choose it again and again
Because we must

When others hurt us
We walk on
When others leave
We walk on
When others misunderstand us
We attempt to help them to see
And then
We walk on

On the path of awareness
On this path that is our destiny
There are obstacles
There are perils
There is pain
There is sorrow
There is loss
There are tears
But also
There is love

I am love
As you are love
It is all we know

And so
We walk on
We walk on

Type: Poetry

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