not shopping there no more

July 1, 2009

green twisted tendrils
rusty iron teeth
obscured by your suits
smooth, green, and pleasant

we are no longer fucking persuaded
by your promises, your mysteries, your smoothness
today begins the new rising
today begins the resistance

shiny spectacular disks
far too large to fly
we're not buying the lies
we're not fucking shopping there no more

blue light specials
filling the midnight skies
lulled our insecurity
but no fucking more

elixir of the silence
yellow, grey with chunks
we're not opening the fucking cans
we're not shopping there no more

fuck you, you panda fucking fuckers
you will not succeed in your plans
to create a more perfect race
we're not shopping there no more

we will not fucking surrender
we're closing all your fucking portals
blowing you into obsolescence
past and future are moot when you're dead

Type: Poetry

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