an ode to true love

June 27, 2009

we've both heard the reasons
why we can't be together
'if loving you is wrong...'
well... you know the rest
but you're all i ever think of
your warmth, your scent
your un-copy-able flavor
never imitated
none can satisfy my lust for you
but you

creamy, delectable
a dancing feast of bliss
warmed on the stove
or straight from the can
only your flavors
only your essence
will ever set me free

i know your secret
you're not really corn at all
you are the essence of the gods
my one and only soul's song
my heart's true flame

disguised in a cold metal can
you are not fooling me
i will never forget you
i will never grow weary
of my forever quest
to taste you again

return to the place you belong
replace these empty vessels
beets, yams, spinach
i'll send them away in a moment
when you return home

i know you feel as i do
we are destined to be rejoined
come home to me
sweet can of creamed corn


Type: Poetry

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