June 26, 2009

Attractiveness of never
   spilled from the dark sky
     pale blue walls
        of a hallway that never ends...

Lost in the silence
    the soundless wails of death
       death of a lifetime
          hoping for a healing of love...

Relieved and oppressed
    in the ancient wells of doom
        secretly wanting to die
           but for an ounce or two of spite...

A stranger in a familiar home
     crushed by the final nails
         palms red and dripping
             hands that reached out in vain...

Burnt in the angry swells
      of responsible ebbs, needful flows
          ocean of misery, horizons of strength
                unable to find an instant's rest...

The silent screams continue
     the voice can never speak
        the horrid betrayer's presence
             sweet song, love's last knell...

Attractiveness of never
     attentiveness of loss
           relentless quest for silence
              sweet death will never come.

Type: Poetry

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