pure and small

June 21, 2009

divinity streams from his fingers
magic is at his command
walking the path of forgiveness
on the rock and the shifting white sand

the angels bow down before him
chosen to teach and to lead
speaking as one who knows
the nature of God's holy seed

subtle and kind to the eye
a friend to all that he meets
humility's chosen disciple
destined to walk heaven's streets

with a thought, he moves the sky
clouds follow each quiet prayer
thunderous anger or clear blue calm
controlling the movements of air

all that he asks for is his
by a faith that is pure and divine
he speaks and the trees bow before him
the dream takes true form in his mind

he sees with the eye of a hawk
with vision of real and unseen
clarity of image and thought
of worlds, here and there and between

walking the path of the mystic
the sage, the seer, the saint
living beyond all old limits
freedom from lack and constraint

the poet, the prophet, the one
walking the path, clear and true
he seeks real connection with all
today's light is rising anew

he dwells in the shadows of hawks
rests in the wisdom of youth
searching for others to join
walking the bright path of truth

to you who would hearken in peace
and join in the colors of all
be free of the dark and the light
and merge in the truth, pure and small


Type: Poetry

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