June 21, 2009

He climbed the tall tree
It was quite an accomplishment
Had been some time
Since he'd attempted
Such a feat

The exertion served him well
Little beads of sweat
Gathered on his brow
And on his cheeks
Or were those tears?
(he wasn't quite sure)

Holding tight
With his right hand
And his strong legs
Wrapped around
A strong branch
He wiped his brow
Breathed in deep

He was searching again
For answers, for perspective, for meaning
At as high a place as he could reach
As he did as a child
Escaping his realities

Absently, he wondered
If he could see around the horizon
Beyond it, beneath it, through it
Wanting an end
To these days of wandering
To these days of loss

As she entered this time
And passed through it
He somehow knew
Could sense her presence
Timeless bonds are like that
Without beginning, without end

From the east
Over the waters
A storm approached
Moving the leaves
Moving his heart
He wondered if it moved hers, too

Feeling the soft breezes
Pervasive and pleasant
Intrinsic and creative
Peaceful and Powerful
One and all
He knew
She knew, too

The inevitable is not moved by choice
It is only delayed for a time
In the timeless crucible
Of passion's smoldering embers
Of the peaceful afternoon breeze
Precursor to a new storm

The familiar breezes
Of souls, joined at birth
Long before creation
At the dawning before time
Of the crucible light
Of the peace of heaven's fire
Of the oneness of love
Moved them, corrected their paths

Choices were theirs
But those very same choices
Made before they were born
In their timeless spirits
In communion with God
In the crucible of creation
In the timeless place of peace
Those choices
Would wait
For their waning hearts
For their ebbing souls
For their wanting minds
For the flow of their true Natures
For the Oneness of Love
In truth, in peace, in utter bliss

He breathed in again
Let it out slowly
Took a final look
Before beginning his descent

Type: Poetry

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