June 20, 2009

Her shoulders fell
When she heard the news
The slight spring breeze
Released the blossoms
From the pear tree
Glorious and hopeful

Her faith was shaken
In that dawning instant
As realization immersed
Her pleasant state
The skies darkening
Outside, within her view
As a storm approached
As the news sank in

Forced to choose
Between past and forever
Between wisdom and truth
Between sorrows and love

Her place of comfort
In the window seat
Darkening slowly
As more blossoms fell

A world she knew
Changed in an instant
By a life-changing moment
By a brief loss of faith

The life she knew
Would never again
Be the same
As she took a last look
At the falling blossoms
Through the windows surrounding
Her place of yesterday's comfort
And walked out the door

Free Write at Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship


Type: Poetry

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