Choice's Martyrs

June 4, 2009

methodical martyrdom
he planned his every move
wandering son of darkness
pursuing his next quarry

nexus of deceit
web that captures hopes
preying on the weak
hunter of the dark

catalyst of terror
purveyor of colorless thought
in numbness, they are caught
paralyzed in his gaze

few have made the choice
in the final glimmering light
to change, to run, to choose
escape from his cunning plan

drifters of forever
lost in a perfect dream
victims of the squalor
squelch the dying scream

escaping certain pain
inevitability's dusk falls
lost in the greatest of fears
the choice to grow and change

he doesn't choose his victims
his victims choose their fate
escaping the healing of love
they wander through the night


Type: Poetry

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