day three

June 3, 2009

it is time
i choose, today, to surrender
in you, oh God, there is peace
and i long for the peace in our perfect joining

the words of my heart
the words in my heart
the words of my mind
they overwhelm, they overtake

the heart must speak
must speak

the grace of surrender
the heart beats
the blood flows
life begins anew

from the dim place of the ancients
the words, the verses of divinity, flow
oh God, let me be a scribe
let me sing the song of Perfect Love

let us together light the candle's wick
the candle is destiny
destiny stands strong, tall
on the table before me

i hold the match in my hand
dear God, give me the strength
to light the candle
to choose the path of your Love

shine, oh God, your Light, through me
make me a dazzling reflection
of you

in you, through you
there is art
there is creativity
there is fire
there is passion
there is wonder
there is hope
in this new day

let us drink in the power
the sweetness of the waters that flow
let us dive into the cavernous abyss
let us fly freely in the darkness
through the darkness, to the light

in the light, there is love
in the light, there is peace
in the light, there is perfect joining

and so it is

Type: Poetry

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