day two

June 1, 2009

i thirst for the quiet
i long for the peace
i beg for the light i once knew
i need you
God, i need you

of myself, i am nothing
only in your love
only in your grace, only in your mercy
only in your presence, only in your light
only in your power, only in your strength
have i any value, at all

my God, my Lord, my Father
touch me
take me
change my flawed perceptions
remove my flawed beliefs
strip me of my thoughts of misery and pain and loss

in your love, i am made whole
take me into your love
save me from the misery of this existence
carry me to your home
hold me in your arms

oh dear Father, dear God
i love you
i need you, i need you, i need you
without you i am nothing

i long for the emptiness
i long for the nothingness
i long for that place where
there's silence and darkness

all i feel
and all i know
and all i see
and all i taste
and all i breathe
is you

you are perfection
you are healing
you are creation and creator
you are every emotion that flows through my art
you are every thought that rides on the sinews
on the pathways of my brain

you, oh God, are all there is
help me to find the place that is grace
take me to the perfection of your love

tear from me the nagging thougths
that i have strength that flows from me
strip me bare
burn me, destroy me
leave nothing, nothing

take me
use me
love me
now and forever


Type: Poetry

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