coming apex

May 28, 2009

soft and gentle kisses
breezes from a quiet place
two hearts beating
gentle mist, quiet embrace

passion builds, winds change
pressure's rising presence
chest falls with each breath
the storm's hint approaches

drops, falling, hitting, drenching
fingers, exploring, finding, wanting
sounds from the distant thoughts
thunder from the distant storm

fire approaches, quickly, unexpected
passion burns, roaring, building
the power of nature's fullness
the power of passion's draw

rain, drenching, flowing, hard, present
lust, love, wanting, pulling, strong
electricity, falls violently
thunder, groaning, invading

memories of the quiet precursors
calm before a drenching rain
gentle kisses, soft touches
a roar, a moan, thunder erupts!

ecstasies' pure arrival
in the utter strength
of the storm
of the lust
of desire
of nature
of building, pressure, rain, surrender

the coming apex
the mighty shared moment
orgasmic wonders
perfect and glorious storm

Type: Poetry

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