2:50 A.M.

May 28, 2009

She came by unexpectedly
Made some banana crème pie
I watched as she worked
Performing the tasks with grace

We shared the pie
Shared an afternoon

It was difficult to let fall
The visions in my minds’ eye
They gnawed at my thoughts
Vied for a place in line
And they won out
As I took my second slice

I saw her walking
2:30 A.M.
Wandering the streets
I kept driving
Hoped she hadn’t recognized me
Found another
She probably knew
Small community
Strollers in the night
Satisfaction‘s vendors

I took another bite
Wondered if I could pay her
For the pie
For a blow job

I laughed at her joke
Pretended not to know
Just how far she had fallen
Pretended not to notice
The large bracelet on her ankle
Installed by the state

Another bite of pie
Another shameful wish
Another vision, from the predatory eye

2:35 A.M.
After circling the block
For another chance

She took the rest of the pie with her
My fantasies left unfulfilled
I’d go for another drive
2:40 A.M.
Find one without a bracelet
Offer her forty bucks
Protecting the value of my shame
Shunning the nagging visions
That would always return
Until I found another

2:45 A.M.
Time to go home
And sleep it off
Sleep it off

Type: Poetry

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