May 27, 2009

the BLACK blackness pulls
gravitational forces
beyond thought or reason
draw me forever to you

just to the left
of the path lying ahead
the old oaks
stretch to reach the sun

for decades upon decades
they have longed for
they have sought
a light they can never reach

the fire, HOT, burns
scalding thoughts
screams of surrender
beg to be set FREE

memories' deep longing
begging to wash ashore
still adrift
in infinty's timeless wake

memories from lives lived
from pasts experienced
from moments still cherished
never seen in the relative mind

am i also the oak?
will i never reach the light
exploding from a heart
that longs to be reached
by me?

must i learn to be content
with the not quite illuminated
with the not quite reachable
memories of our yesterlives?

the BLACK still pulls
a heart still screams
the agony increases
as i reach forever
for YOUR unreachable Light


Type: Poetry

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